Formula Student Romania


Formula Student is a globally recognized motorsport engineering competition led by students, where universities from different countries compete for the prestigious title of the top Formula Student team worldwide. Participants, primarily engineering students but also others interested, collaborate to envision, design, and construct a race car while also overseeing the team’s financial management, infrastructure, and overall development. Operating like a miniaturized professional race team, these dedicated students devote their efforts throughout the academic year. The culmination of their hard work occurs between July and August when teams assemble at various locations across the globe to compete in annual competitions.

Formula Student is a captivating series of annual events held worldwide, wherein cars are evaluated based on a point system, with judging divided into two distinct categories: static events and dynamic events. The static events focus on assessing the technical construction of the car and the team’s business operations. This includes evaluating the car’s engineering design, cost, and manufacturing aspects, as well as the presentation of the team’s business plan. Additionally, a comprehensive technical inspection is conducted to test the car’s safety, chassis, noise levels, tilt, brakes, and other technical aspects.

On the other hand, the dynamic events involve putting the cars to the test on a track. These thrilling events include the skid pad event, where cars undergo a series of figure-of-eight maneuvers, followed by the autocross sprint event and the meter acceleration test. However, the highlight of the dynamic events is the endurance test, a longer distance challenge that truly pushes the cars to their limits. These dynamic events provide a comprehensive assessment of each car’s performance and capabilities.

For engineering students, Formula Student is an unparalleled and unforgettable experience, offering a bridge between academic knowledge and real-world application. It provides an exciting platform for students to showcase their engineering skills and teamwork, making it an incredible opportunity for personal and professional growth.